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2. They provide experiential learning

@Wilforce I love Adventure Time but it’s on Cartoon Network which has always catered to an older audience. It’s also mostly the subtext that’s dark compared to the episode-to-episode stories which are fairly light and breezy. This show is like a proper kids show and all the adults are literally dead.11FantasiaWHTTue 24th Nov 2020

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Anybody else think they're trying way too hard?12outsider83Tue 24th Nov 2020Never heard of the series. Just reading this article gave me shovel ware vibes. Then I see the comments. I wonder if the developers name triggered something subconsciously! Maybe I’m aware of their work and didn’t realize it!

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13Mr-Fuggles777Tue 24th Nov 2020@Jakiboy, they will rip it apart in the write up and then give it an 8 like most reviews.

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14SwitchForceTue 24th Nov 2020

Wait the staff that is creating Doom Eternal can make this physical but not a Doom Eternal game physical something smells rotten to the core here.Sarah and Kaitlyn Lake PHOTO BY DONNA MUELLER

Hitting those high notes is a gift that often runs deep through the gene pool. The Judds, Donny & Marie, The Jackson 5 and the Jonas Brothers are just some families that have shared center stage. Most recently, the pandemic spawned a new mother/daughter singing duo. And though they may never sell out Madison Square Garden, through a new crop of virtual choirs, Pleasantville’s Sarah and Kaitlyn Lake have found their voices.Sarah and her daughter Kaitlyn, 13, have always shared a love for singing. When the pandemic hit, however, opportunities to nurture that passion quickly dwindled. “When everything shut down,” Sarah recalls, “I began researching virtual choirs and came across a cover of Billy Joel’s ‘The Longest Time’ by a group in Canada. As a single mom, it’s challenging to find time, but I decided that this is something that I really wanted for myself. I participated in some live and asynchronous rehearsals for various virtual choirs and ultimately found The Collective, a group that really resonated with me and my daughter.”

The Collective Virtual Choir was formed in March 2020 at the height of the pandemic when vocalists around the world felt robbed of their voices, while simultaneously being isolated from friends and family. Led by UK-based music teacher Simon Lubkowski, this free choir brought more than 1,500 people spanning 20 countries together. Due to a demand amongst young people aged under 26, as a follow-up to his initial endeavor, Lubkowski established The Collective Youth Chorus in June 2020. Participants of both choirs rehearse through interactive and/or recorded Zoom-based sessions that take place during a range of time zones. Vocalists record their submissions and view the final compilation on YouTube. It was the ideal format for the Lakes. The pair joyfully debuted in their respective choirs with ‘You Will be Found’ from Dear Evan Hansen and haven’t looked back since.The Lakes expected to connect with like-minded people that shared their love of music, but they didn’t anticipate the strong community they gained along the way. “We connected with singers from all over the world and all walks of life,” Sarah describes. “The common theme,” she reports, “was a desire to keep singing through the pandemic. The choir gave people an opportunity to escape the isolation of quarantine and sing through their feelings.”

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